• Trading

    Actively involved in various product ranges primarily in Europe and Africa

  • Lifestyle

    Providing herbal remedies to ensure healthy living

  • Technology

    Interests across an array of different technology sectors

  • Real Estate

    Focussed on the development of low cost affordable solutions


Over the years Kayel has expanded its global sourcing coverage and business presence across the Far East, Europe, Middle East, West Africa and East Africa. The international business culture brought about by its multicultural team was an early and integral part of Kayel’s approach to innovation and development.

Both distribution and sourcing growth respectively reinforced Kayel’s international expansion year on year. By the year 2000, Kayel had extended its sourcing and quality control offices from Hong Kong in to Mainland China through the opening of its representative office in Guangzhou, China.

By 2005 growing demand for housing driven by an emerging middle class resulted in expansion plans into UAE with the introduction of real estate brokerage in Dubai. Additional demand for housing in Dubai prompted Kayel to invest in the trade and distribution of furniture in the Middle East. In recent years there has been a paradigm shift from trade and investment to lifestyle and technology.

About Us

Founded in 1985, Kayel has continually diversified in to new businesses and markets. Today, Kayel has offices across Asia, Europe and Africa providing...

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Vision. Values. Goals

Our long term goal is to own a diversified group of businesses that generate profits and consistently earn above average returns on capital...

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Heny Mahtani is the Chief Executive Officer of Kayel. In 1985 Heny co-founded Kay-El (Hong Kong) Limited with his brother, Vinod Mahtani. They grew...

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Corporate Responsibility

Kayel is committed to assisting those in need on a long-term basis rather than simply providing short term solutions, Foundation RM is currently working...

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